1. Make sure your course has been set up for Echo360 
  2. Logon to the Echo 360 web interface at www.echo360.org
  3. Click on Library at the top. All of the recordings are saved in the library. Verify the name of the recording. 
  4. Click on Courses and select See All Courses.
  5. Click on the All Classes button.
  6. Click on New Class.
  7. Type in the name of the new class and select the availability dates if necessary. Name of the class is typically the class date or topic name.
  8. Click on ok to save the new class. It is now ready to have the video linked to this "New Class"
  9. Click on the Blue + button on the right of the class name.
  10. Click Import from Library and browse for the video, select the video and click the Done button.

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