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The University has a system in place to allow access to a campus machine from anywhere with internet access. There are two ways to access this system

Access Via HTML

Using this method allows access without installation of any software. All you need is a browser, and your UMES credentials

  1. Open a browser and navigate to

  2. Click the box labeled VMware Horizon HTML Access.

  3. Log in with your UMES Credentials.

  4. Upon login you will see a list of available software applications and a remote PC. You can click any of these and the application will open directly in the browser window.

Access Via VMware Horizon Client

  1. Open a browser and navigate to

  2. Click the box labeled Install VMware Horizon Client

  3. In the window that appears, Click Go to Downloads for the VMware Horizon Client for Windows. DO NOT use the Client for Windows 10 UWP

  4. On the next page, Download the file listed.

  5. Install the downloaded file. Upon opening, you will see the following screen:

  6. Click Add Server, and type in the box that appears.

  7. Upon pressing connect, the program will request you to input your UMES username and password. 

  8. You will see a simliar screen to the HTML Access which lists the available softwares to you.

  9. An additional benefit of using the client is that you can right click and Create Shortcut to Desktop to allow easy access with the click of 1 icon to these Applications.

Current Software

This page will maintain a running list of software accessible via this method.

Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Project 2013
Microsoft Visio 2013
ChemDraw Professional 16
IBM SPSS Statistics 26
Perceptive Content
Spartan Student 6.1
Wolfram Mathmatica 11
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