Step-by-step guide

Below are the steps on how to print your class roster in Hawkweb.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the first HawkWeb icon. You will be taken to your Faculty Center. 
  3. Verify that you are on the Faculty Center Tab at the top left of the page.

    4. Click on the Rosters tab.

   5. Click on the Class Roster Icon to the right of your course. Your roster will be displayed.

   6. Click on the words for Printer Friendly Version at the bottom of the page.

   7. Select with your mouse, what you would like to print then, on your keyboard press the Ctrl key plus the P key then let go of them. The print dialog box should appear.

   8. Verify that your roster is displayed in the print preview, then click the Print button.

Note: These instructions have been written for the use of Google Chrome, other browsers may differ.

Click the Grade Roster icon (circled).  The next screen will show you a roster of students.