The KFS Website, hosted by the Office of the Comptroller, is the jumping off point to get you into the Kuali Financial application, including the financial reports that have been developed as part of our implementation.  You can access the KFS website directly, using the instructions below.  Alternatively, you can access the website through the ARES portal where you will continue to access FRS Web for historical reporting data along with other financial applications. As a reminder, you will need to be connected through VPN and use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser to access KFS. 

You must establish a VPN connection and have 2-factor authentication setup to access KFS.


  1. First, sign in to the College Park VPN System using the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client application.  Type the hostname into the VPN dialog "".  Access the UMapps group using your payroll/timesheet directory ID and password credentials. 
  2. Next, using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, access the KFS Website at
  3. The “Go to KFS” button on the KFS Website will take you directly to KFS’s main home page (or, if you only want to do financial reporting using KFS Web, use the “Go to KFS Web" button on the website).  Click on the “Main Menu” tab near the top of the screen and you will be directed to the University’s Central Authentication Service (CAS) screen.  You will be prompted to enter your Directory ID and Password to log in to KFS. 
  4. Once logged in, you will be brought back to the KFS main home page.  At the top right of your screen, you should see that you are “logged in” as your Directory ID user. 
  5.  Refer to any of the KFS UPK training courses on the KFS Website for a refresher on logging in to KFS. 
  6. If you prefer to access the KFS website through the ARES menu, you must first sign in to the University’s VPN system and then use Mozilla Firefox to access the ARES menu.  Clicking on the Kuali Financial System link will direct you to the KFS Website. 
  7. You may also access KFS directly at, but please check the website frequently for important updates and announcements.
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