Tech Tip Thursday - Schedule Send

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Have you ever needed to send an email message, but not right now and you were afraid that you may forget to send it later? Well, this is possible in both Gmail and Outlook.

Instructions for Gmail

Gmail contains a tool called Schedule Send which allows you to draft an email, then schedule a time to send it later. This can be particularly useful if your recipient(s) are in a different time zone, working different hours, or is on vacation. To send an email with delayed delivery, follow the steps below:

 1. Compose your message as you normally would, but don’t press Send yet

2. Select the Down arrow at the bottom, next to Send

3. Click on the Schedule Send button

4. A new dialog box will appear allowing you to pick a day and time to send your message

5. Once you select your date and time click the Schedule Send button and your email will be delivered at the date and time you specified.

6. Go back to the message you drafted a few moments ago, and click Send

IF you need to cancel the Schedule Send all you need to do is this:

1. Go back to your Inbox and look for the Scheduled label

2. Under the Scheduled label select your message and click Cancel Send

3. Once cancelled the message will go to your Drafts folder. If you no longer need to send the message you can delete it or repeat the process if you need to select a new date and time.


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