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titleClick here to View Instructions
Using this method allows access without installation of any software. All you need is a browser, and your UMES credentials
  1. Open a browser and navigate to

  2. Click the box labeled VMware Horizon HTML Access.

  3. Log in with your UMES Credentials.

  4. You will see a list of the available software for access from off campus.

  5. You may click these software and use them. Using them via the browser will require an additional step to save the files to your google drive and upload to your class.


Microsoft Office Suite
Computer Science
IBM Statistics SPSS
IDLE (Python IDE)


Visual CobolCobol is added within Visual Studio 2013.While you can use this client for other languages, it is preferred to use VS2019 if possible.
Visual Studio 2019
Wolfram Mathmatica 11
ComsolSoftware will adjust rendering on first opening and then close. After this first run where it closes, it will work properly.
Natural Sciences
ChemDraw Professional 16
Spartan Student