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  1. Login to the PHR system by going to  This site uses your College Park PHR username and password, not your UMES credentials.

    titleAlternate Location

    This website can also be accessed by going to the Time Entry website at and clicking on 'Display/Update Personal Data'.

  2. Click "Address Info" and Scroll down the page and find the sections labeled Office Address Information

  3. Be sure to select your Building and update Room as well as provide a phone number for Office Phone and Office Phone Extension.
  4. For email address, be sure this address is your actual UMES e-mail address and ends with

    titleEmail Address Note

    While the data verification form may say to change this if you want your email forwarded, we highly suggest keeping this as your official UMES e-mail address. Not doing so impacts the ability of the system to update your records properly.

  5. You will notice the 'Optional Title for Directory' is not editable.  If you would like this changed please contact our Human Resources office.  Contact information can be found at

  6. When you are finished, be sure to click the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom.