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The effects of poor password management on security and financial health are well documented.  Attackers often gain access to sensitive data through weak or stolen passwords.  Additionally, attackers can use accounts to launch sophisticated and dangerous intrusions into an organization’s IT systems.  Also at stake when not practicing good password techniques is your personal identity and welfare, such as access to your bank account website.

The Password Policy 

Character length8 characters minimumPasswords will require a mandatory minimum length of 8 characters. 
Age120 days maximumPasswords will be required to be changed to a different password every 120 days.  To make sure your account does not get locked out, we recommend you change your password before you leave the campus for an extended period of time , such as Summer break. 
Age2 days minimumA password that is changed must be kept for a minimum of 48 hours.  This means once you change your password, you cannot change it again for 2 days. 
10 unique passwordsThere are also rules set to how often you must make your password unique.  You cannot change your password to the same password you had the past
10 times. 
Lockout4 times in
16 minutesIf you incorrectly enter your password more than 4 times in
16 minutes your account will be locked.  The only way to have your account unlocked is to wait 10 minutes, or to contact one of our IT professionals at the Help Desk.  Students should be prepared to give their 7-digit UMES ID Number to have an account unlocked. 


  • Password not be a simple word (e.g. password, welcome, hello) 
  • Password not include three or more characters from the user name 
  • Password contain characters from at least three of these categories: 
  • English uppercase letters (A – Z) 
  • English lowercase letters (a – z) 
  • Base 10 digits (0 - 9) 
  • Non-alphanumeric (for example: !, $, #, or %) 

Forgotten Passwords

To retrieve an a forgotten password, click 'Forgot Password' at