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titleEmployees Only

These steps are for employees only. Students should be able to follow standard Gmail setup instructions available at Google's site


Apple iOS Devices

  1. If you do not have one already, create an Apple ID by going to
    1. To create an account with no credit card see
  2. Self registration
    1. From your computer, use your web browser to go to and register the device.
      1. They will logon to the website.
      2. They will click 'Add a Phone'
      3. They will complete the information in the device registration section.
      4. MobileIron will prompt them to complete the registration by installing the Mobile@Work.
  3. As part of the steps it will prompt you to create a passcode, which can be 4 numbers or more.
    1. Your email be setup shortly.



Android Devices

Self registration



  1. Configure your email




Windows Phone

1. Locate Company Apps under Settings

    1. System Applications on your device.
      1. Tap the Settings icon.
      2. Tap company apps.
      3. Tap add account.

2. Depending on how the system was configured, you will be prompted to enter your email credentials only, or your email credentials and the server name that you were provided with via email, text, or other instructions.

    1. Enter your UMES email credentials;
      1. For example and Password;
    2. Tap sign in.
      1. If you see the screen below prompting you to accept an unverified certificate,
    3. Tap continue.
      1. You should see this screen once the account has been added.
    4. Tap done.

Your UMES email profile will be pushed to your device within 15 minutes.


    1. Tap set.
    2. Enter a new password meeting the new requirements.
      1. Re-enter it to confirm and then tap done.




URL's to Remember
1. MobileIron Management -
2. MobileIron user side -


Employees were converted to Gmail in July of 2019.  Latest instructions to access Gmail can be found on Google Gmail Help page.


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