An option for 2-factor is using bypass codes. Once you have gained access through the portal, you are able to use the following steps to print a list of bypass codes. 

1. Click your name at the top right corner and select Edit Profile

2. Open the category for Printed One Time Passcodes and select Print new OTPs

3. You will be brought to a page with 10 printed codes for one time access. 

Note: Please make sure to keep track of these codes. The page will not be come back up with the same codes if you leave it.

Using One Time Passcodes

If you are set up with duo, you will need to cancel the current push you were sent. 

In the box that appears, type your next available code. Note: Do not type spaces when using codes. Be sure to cross out used codes as they are one time use only. If you wish to continue using this method, be sure to print a new list of codes before running out or you will need to use a duo push or call the helpdesk for a one-time passcode to gain access to your account.

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