When the ImageNow server application is updated the client version must be upgraded.  Older versions of the ImageNow client will not work unless the version matches that of the server.  During each upgrade we automatically push upgraded client software, but these instructions can be used in the event of the client not auto updating.  We have configured our security systems to allow the upgrade of the ImageNow client without administrative rights, and the following are the steps one can take to manually upgrade.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Be sure to login to your UMES workstation using your employee account, and ensure you are connected to either a wired connection or the employee wireless (UMES-FACSTAFF).
  2. Open a Windows Explorer window (not Internet Explorer browser, but a Windows Explorer window that shows your Documents)
  3. Copy and paste the following into the address bar of the Windows Explorer Window:

    Command to Install ImageNow

  4. Right-click on the file "InstallSilent.bat" and choose "Run Elevated with Defendpoint".

  5. If prompted for "Approval Required" please select "I need to install an application" and click OK.

  6. You should see a command window open that looks similar to the one below.  Please do not close this window, it will close once the installation is complete.

  7. You may receive a notice that the system needs to reboot to complete the setup.  Click 'OK' to continue the installation.


If for some reason you do not see the option to "Elevate with Defendpoint" or the installation is not successful please contact our Help Desk.

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