General Information

Once the student logon account is obtained, it will provide access to the UMES Network allowing access to various software packages, applications and e-mail. Additionally, with this account you are given access to log in to the computers in the IT supported academic computer labs.

Applications and Software Packages

Student accounts allow access to several software packages and applications.  Some of the more popular applications are:

  • HawkWeb
  • Blackboard
  • Google Apps for Education
  • MyUMES
  • Horizon Virtual Desktops
  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • Microsoft Office

Obtaining Your Student Account

Students can obtain their account online upon admission to UMES at   To obtain an account the student must have their Student ID number, which is printed on most admission letters.  The account is then ready for immediate use.

If an account was not generated or login is not working, please come to the IT Help Desk in Waters Hall or call x8324 (TECH) on-campus or 410-651-8324 off-campus for further information. Be sure to bring a picture ID to ensure identity protection.

The Term of Your Account

Your student computer account does not require formal renewal. This account will remain active until your association with UMES ends (such as graduation, transferring or non-registration for courses).

E-mail Address 

Your e-mail address is your username (typically the first and middle initials, and last name)

Internet E-Mail address for Lawrence A. Lakers:

Acceptable Use Policy

At the time of activation of a UMES student computer account, the student is asked to read the Student Acceptable Use Policies. The owner of this account is expected to abide by the policies and laws established for responsible computer use.  Use of UMES's computer systems is also subject to the University Policy on Acceptable Use, Digital Millenium Copyright Act and Maryland State laws. 

Security and Support

We hope all students benefit from the use of UMES student computer accounts. We enforce changing passwords every 120 days from the date of your last password change. To increase the security of your account, make sure the password you use is unique but not obvious to others.