University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Administrative Computing

Standard Operating Procedure

Sept. 12, 2022 

Name:  Server Patch Management Procedure

Prepared By
:      Larry Himes                                         Revised:


The university recognizes the importance of applying appropriate security patches to windows servers that support mission applications. UMES IT will apply Microsoft security patches within 60 days of issuance from Microsoft, unless advised otherwise by Microsoft or MS-ISAC.


  • UMES IT will download security patches within 7 days of release.
  • UMES IT will test patches on non-production applications for a minimum of 7 days.
  • UMES IT and Administrative Computing will install security patches in a test environment within 30 of release for evaluation/testing.
  • UMES IT will apply patches to production servers within 60 days of release and after appropriate internal testing has been completed. 

Review schedule:

This operating procedure will be evaluated each year in January to determine its effectiveness.

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