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A course must be made available before students enrolled in the course will be able to view or access the course and its content. However, you may want to make a course unavailable during the building process or after a scheduled course has finished.


  1. Enter the Blackboard course you want to make available.
  2. On the Control Panel, expand the Customization section and click Properties.
  3. In the Set Availability section, click Yes or No.
  4. Optionally, when making a course available, you can choose one of the following options in the Set Course Duration section:
    • Continuous (default) to leave the course available without a specified start or end date.
    • Select Dates to choose a start and/or end date. The start and end times are set automatically. The start time is midnight and the end time is 11:59:59.
      • You can alter these dates for specific course needs:
    • Days from the Date of Enrollment to specify a specific length of time users have to access the course after enrolling. This is the best option for self-paced courses