How do I install Echo 360 Universal Capture on my UMES Laptop/Desktop? Please note if you are installing Personal Capture on your home PC, you should follow the instructions available at the following link:

Step-by-step guide

Echo360 does not require administrative rights to install on a UMES computer. To install the software, you must be on campus and follow the following steps:

  1. In a file browser window, open the following location: \\\files\Apps\TrustedApps\EchoPersonalCapture
  2. Right click on UniversalCapturePersonalUS_6.0.69561845.msi
  3. Choose "Run with Elevated Privilege with Defendpoint"
  4. Click Next in the Universal Capture Setup
  5. Click Next again
  6. Select "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and click Next
  7. On Directory Selection Window click Next
  8. Click Install in the Ready to Install window.
  9. Click Finish