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Step-by-step guide

UMES owns a site license for Respondus.  Respondus can be self-installed without administrative rights.  Please follow these directions to install Respondus from our 'Trusted Apps' respository. Please note you must be on a campus network to install the software. 

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window and go to the following location,  (you can copy and paste this) "\\\files\Apps\TrustedApps\Respondus\Respondus4Campus.exe"
  2. Follow the steps to Agree to the license agreement and accept the defaults for location of installation files. 
  3. When running for the first time you will be prompted for the site license information.  That information should be entered with the following values.  Note that Institution Name and Installation Password must be entered exactly as it is below.

Installation Password
The licensing information listed below must be entered each time the Respondus software is installed. The password can also be used for the annual renewal of the software.

Institution Name:University of Maryland - Eastern Shore
Local Support Contact(s):
Installation Password:Y2007I439542670R646f09f9a18a24e0 (Password valid through the end of: July 2020)