Step-by-step guide

Please note all financial information (student account and financial aid) regarding your UMES account can be found under STUDENT CENTER/FINANCES. 

  1. Log into: My UMES Login 
  2. Click “HawkWeb” which takes you to your “Student Center”.
  3. You must confirm you are coming/returning to school for the term and how you plan to pay. Below “My Account” under “Term Confirmation”, click the yellow “confirm” and follow the instructions. If you need a manual form (needed for non posted scholarships, 3rd party billing, etc), Click “manual payment information” MUST CONFIRM EVEN IF PAYING IN FULL. 

    My Account 
          Online Financial Services 
          Service Indicators 
          Display Confirmation/Plan 
          Manual Payment Info 
    Term Confirmation 
    2118 (choose the current term code) and  CONFIRM (yellow confirm button) 
    (Please note term changes each session) 

  4. Read the message and proceed accordingly, click “I agree or ok” to continue. 
  5. View your Payment Confirmation Options 
  6. Affix your ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE by Clicking “I Agree” to Register or  “I Accept” for the Payment Plan 

      • If you have enough funds or zero balance Click “ Confirm” to complete process 
      • If your financial is not enough or as much as anticipated click “ Return to Service Center” Scroll down to the “Finances” section and click on to View my Financial Aid. There you can view a break down of your financial aid for each semester and the year. 

        Financial Aid 
              View Financial Aid 
              Accept/Decline Awards 
              Report Other Financial Aid 
        • If you want to make a payment, Click “Make a Payment” 
        Once the payment is made: Return to Step 3 to resume the process
        • If you want to apply for a payment plan “Click Payment Plan” Please Note no payment plan available to Pharmacy Students  


  7. Print your confirmation receipt or the payment plan schedule. 

  8. If you want to view your account or transfer funds (if available) to your Hawkcard; under My Account click “Online Financial Services”