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If the Respondus software is not running correctly and you have not recently updated the software you may need to check for updates.

Note: This is for Respondus Test Generating Software NOT Respondus LockDown Browser. Also, you can only change the password when you have a test ready to publish.

Step-by-step guide

How to check for updates in Respondus 4.0

  1. Open the Respondus software.
  2. Click on the Help Menu.
  3. Click on check for Update.
  4. Click on Get Update.
  5. Click ok on the "Closing program to complete update process."
  6. Click ok on the "Software update is complete".

Note: After updating the software, when you open the program again a dialog box might appear which you need to acknowledge. Once you acknowledge this message Respondus will close. Reopen Respondus and you should be all set.


These instructions have been created for Respondus 4.0 Test Generating Software.