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Once you have created a test or imported it into Blackboard it may be necessary to deploy it into a content area such as the Learning Activities folder in Course Content.

Note: If the test was imported through the Respondus Test Generating Software it may have already been deployed into a specific area which would have been chosen during the publishing stage.

Step-by-step guide

How to deploy a test into the Course Content

  1. Log into the course which has the test.
  2. Click on Course Content in the left pane.
  3. Navigate to the Module which needs the test.
  4. Click on Learning Activities to open the folder.
  5. Hover the mouse over Assessments and then click on Tests
  6. Click on the test name in the Add an Existing Test section.
  7. Click the Submit button. The Test Options window should appear.
  8. Scroll through the options and set your requirements.
    1. Make sure you select yes to Make the link available.
    2. NOTE: It is not recommended to use Force Completion.
    3. Check the Set Timer, and Click on for the Auto-Submit.
    4. Check the Display After checkbox and select the date and time.
    5. Check the Display Until checkbox and select the date and time.
    6. Check the Due Date checkbox and select the date and time.
    7. Choose the Show Test Results options.
    8. Choose the Test Presentation Options.
  9. Click the Submit button when done. 


These instructions have been created for use in Google Chrome. If you are using a different browser the instructions may differ. The use of Internet Explorer is not recommended nor supported.