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As you begin to plan your course(s) in Blackboard, I wanted to remind you of the steps to copy your course content to your new shell(s).

Step-by-step guide

Insert your steps.

  1. Enter the course you want to copy content from (the source course).
  2. Select Packages and Utilities from the Course Management area (below course menu buttons) and click Course Copy.
  3. In step 1 of the new screen, next to Select Copy Type, click the drop down menu and choose Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.
  4. Click the Browse button to locate the course you wish to copy content INTO. You will only see courses in which you have instructor access.
  5. Click Select All to select all of the options to copy to the new course. You can then go and unselect any tool or item that you are not using in your course or need to be copied (for example, you may not want to copy the Announcements from your Winter/Spring course into your Summer course).
  6. When copying discussions, it is recommend to select the option to Include only the forums, no starter posts. Use the other option, only if the instructor has included a beginning thread to each discussion.
  7. As you will see, the settings section has been expanded. It is not recommended to select the Availability, Duration or Enrollment Options as these options are established via HawkWeb.
  8. Skip option 3 File Attachments and option 4 – Enrollments. Note: Do not check Include Enrollments in the Copy as it will move users from the current course into the destination course.
  9. Click Submit to start the course copy. The course copy action will be queued and an email will be sent to you when the process is complete. Please wait approximately 15 minutes after receiving this email before entering the course. You will also see in the course list that the course copy is currently processing. Please refrain from entering the course during the course copy process.