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I have a network and HAWKWeb account but I get a message saying that I am not authorized when I try to click on HAWKWeb from the campus portal.


The connection and access issue is usually related to your (PC) personal computer settings.  Clear your cache (temporary internet files), set the cookies and restart the computer and select the correct security setting.  Follow the steps below: 
1 - Clear Cache:

  • Internet Explorer Go To: Tools>Internet Options>Delete>Delete Cookies, Click Yes, Click Close, Click OK ...close (click X) the internet page.  
  • Firefox Go To: Tools>Clear Recent History>Make sure Cookies and Cache are checked all else does not have to be checked and Click Clear Now. 
  • Google Chrome - How to Clear Google Chrome Browser Cache

2 - Cookie Settings: 

  • Using Internet Explorer Go To: Tools>Internet Options>Privacy tab>Setting Slider click and drag the slider to Medium or Low;  Click Apply and Click OK. 
  • Firefox Go To: Tools>Options>Privacy>Accept Cookies from Site and Accept Third Party Cookies should be checked; Click OK 

3 - Restart your computer. 

Make sure you are accessing the portal page directly and not any other login or favorites links that were previously used. Go to Link  When logging in to the campus portal if you see a security message that comes up before and or after you are logging in that asks about secured and non-secured items and says to click yes or no.  You MUST click NO.