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The following is provided to assist in setting up e-mail access using a variety of methods.  This information is provided to assist as Information Technology cannot officially support every mobile device and e-mail program.


Student mailboxes are hosted on the Google Apps for Education system, and is very similar to a Gmail account.  Please see the page at for information on getting started along with mobile device setup.


Employee mailboxes are hosted on our on-premises Microsoft Exchange environment.  Below are the most common methods of accessing e-mail.

Microsoft Outlook

All University-managed domain computers should be preconfigured to automatically configure Outlook when you are logged in and launch the application.  If you are trying to access e-mail with Outlook from a personal machine, here are some helpful settings:

  • Your outlook client should ‘autodiscover’ its settings
  • When prompted for username, enter e-mail address
  • Allow Outlook to automatically configure
  • If server name is requested, it is  In come cases, such as the Mac Outlook client, you may need to use

Exchange Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Exchange OWA can be accessed from anywhere with a standard web browser.  You can either login at myUMES at and click the Employee e-mail icon, or go directly to OWA at  When going direct, be sure to enter your username in the format umes\username.

Mobile Devices

Employees wishing to access e-mail, calendars and contacts on Apple iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices are required to register the device on our MobileIron system at  Login at with your UMES username and password, and follow the directions there to add your device, download the MobileIron app, and configure the connection from your device to the server.  

The settings for e-mail will automatically provision to your device allowing e-mail access, there is no manually entering server names.  As a matter of fact, manually entering a server name will not work, as it will notice that your device is not registered with the MobileIron Sentry that manages access.

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