This page is a step by step set of instructions for setting up Duo MFA for two-factor.

  1. You will receieve an email with the following header. Open this email.

2. There will be a link in this email for the setup process

2a. The first time users log into the portal without 2-factor set up, the page below will appear. Click the Link to be taken to the duo setup process. If it is not done the first time access is attempted through the portal, you will be required to go through your email to set this up.

3. You may receieve a message stating to update chrome. If you do, hit skip for now.

4. You will need to select next for the next three screens

5. You will select skip for now in regards to the duo device health page.

6. Select Duo Mobile as the setup option

7. Select "I have a tablet"

9. Download duo mobile and select to add an account in the app. Then click next.

10. Scan the QR code that appears on your computer screen. in the duo app. The screen will automatically go to the "added duo mobile page" where you will hit Continue

11. Open the Duo App on your cell phone.

        a.) If you are taken to the Accounts (#) page, look for Add+ option, within the right hand corner, and click it. 


        b.) If you are accessing the app for the first time you will receive a welcome screen. Click Continue.  



12. You will receive one of the two screens below. Select Use QR Code.



12. A capture window will appear. Focus on the provided QR code.

13. At the next screen click 

Congratulations, you are now set up to use two factor authentication.

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